Daniel Kociok

Daniel Kociok

Daniel Kociok


An Alien Perspective on User Experience Design: The journey so far and what comes next

Talk Summary:

To truly master a craft requires feedback and reflection, among others. I want to share my experience and viewpoints on the development of user experience design I have gathered during my 17 years journey through outer space the games industry.


Starting and advancing in quality assurance, a stepping stone business unit with high fluctuation, developing towards project management and eventually coaching, Daniel realized early on that team members need to be treated individuallyrespectful and honest for them to be motivated and willing to unlock their full potential for the benefit of the entire environment. 

Daniel’s vast experience of more than 15 years in leadership positions, 11 years with agile methods and mindsets, 6 years as coach and 3 years as executive advisor enables him to holistically follow his passion and purpose of guiding and supporting organizations to identify and establish a structure and culture which enables them to reach their goals. Through coaching, consulting, lectures and workshops, he supports individuals unlocking a mindset that fosters collaboration. Daniel firmly believes in and supports the principles ‘always improve’ & ‘excellence thrives through engaged employees’. Accordingly, he confides and advocates an agile mindset and culture.

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