Elie Mouraud

Elie Mouraud

Elie Mouraud


Player recruitment – A practical method for obtaining insights you can rely on

Talk Summary:

This presentation has one clear goal, to share a practical method that will help attendees recruit the right players for their next playtests. Focused around two main ideas, the talk will begin by exploring the importance of a structured segmentation of the audience.

This will be followed by a hands-on guide, breaking down the whole recruitment process. We will discuss examples of best practices, challenging recruitment stories, screening methods and tips on how to nail profile accuracy. That will speak to everyone who wants to structure and improve their recruitment process for better playtests.


Elie Mouraud is a project manager at PlaytestCloud where he helps studios make better games. He drives playtests for mobile games, and keeps himself busy making sure projects run smoothly for both studios and players. 

Elie has been Improving and structuring player recruitment at PlaytestCloud for the past two years.

With 4 years of experience in the mobile gaming industry in Berlin, he has developed an understanding of what players are really looking for when they turn on the little screen to play. During his spare time he enjoys playing way too many hours of Overwatch, Battlefront 2 and Archero.

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