Günter Wallner, Ph.D.

Günter Wallner, Ph.D.

Günter Wallner, Ph.D.

Eindhoven University of Technology

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Visualization of Mixed Playtesting Data

Talk Summary:

Games User Research and Game Analytics have greatly contributed to our understanding of players. However, with the increase in volume and variety of data a need for effective data visualization has arisen to support the interpretation of the complex data sets and to provide various stakeholders with actionable intelligence.

Drawing from multiple examples, this talk will discuss how visualizations can assist in making sense of in-game data. It will show how visualizations of multi-modal datasets can help in interpreting player behavior and how seemingly small visual design alterations can impact the interpretation of the data.


Günter is Assistant Professor at the Eindhoven University of Technology and Senior Scientist at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. His work particularly centers on understanding player behavior in games and on researching methods to explore and communicate the collected data to derive actionable insights for game design and development.

As part of this, he is working on data visualizations to support the analysis of the increasingly large-scale player behavioral datasets used in game analytics. He recently edited a book on the subject of game analytics called ‘Data Analytics Applications in Gaming and Entertainment’.

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