Noreena Liu, Ph.D.

Noreena Liu, Ph.D.

Noreena Liu, Ph.D.

University of Southampton

Design Principles in Games for Older Adults

Talk Summary:

Designing games for older adults are motivated by healthcare issues, especially psychological and physiological therapies for dementia patients which includes brain training and behaviour change.

The main symptom of dementia is loose loss of cognitive functions, which can have big effect on to their family numbers especially for main family caregivers. I will discuss the design principle of games for supporting dementia and dementia family.

Authors: Noreena Liu, Gary Wills


Noreena is a PhD graduate from the University of Southampton, UK. Her thesis topic was ‘Designing games for dementia family care at pre and early stages’. Her current research centres around using games as immersive technologies for health and education purposes and to drive social impact.

The main focus is on the early stages of training dementia caregiver’s to quickly acquire more knowledge about dementia and learn how to identify the needs of dementia patients in order to assist them in maintaining some degree of independence.

Topics: Public Health, Dementia Carers, Mental Health, Long-Term Carer, Human-Computer Interaction, Gamification, Serious Games.

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