Pietro Guardini, Ph.D.

Pietro Guardini, Ph.D.

Pietro  Guardini, Ph.D.


A GRUX night at the Museum: User testing applied games for playability and learning in the Leonardo da Vinci Science Museum

Talk Summary:

The goal of applied games in museums is to engage visitors in interactive learning experiences. They need to combine game mechanics with educational outcomes and museology features.

Due to the variety of their users – frequently non-gamers – they must be particularly easy to understand and offer simple mechanics. We investigated 3 applied games and 2 VR experiences not only considering traditional UX topics, but also the learning experience they supported.

This novel approach employed a quiz and the Personal Meaning Mapping, a constructivist procedure based on concept mapping. Results did show a learning effect, with important roles played by playtime, the VR wow effect, and the degree of interactivity.

Authors: Pietro Guardini, Loris Parente, Luca Roncella, Rossana Actis-Grosso


Pietro is an independent Games User Researcher with a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and 20 years of research experience. He began working in Human-Computer Interaction in 1999 in academia and later entered the gaming industry by introducing User Research activity in Milestone – the major video game studio in Italy.

More recently he founded StopGuessing.it to assist game developers and publishers in developing their best gaming experience. He has presented his work through several written publications and conferences, including: Game Developers Conference, Games User Research Summit, VIEW Conference, CHI Italy, and Game Happens! Conference.

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